Craft Ciders

White Dog is our lightest cider.   Named after our beloved American Eskimo, Gabriel.  Fermented with fresh apples and sweetened with white grape juice.  White Dog is a light semi-sweet cider with grape undertones.
First Crush is our award winning cider.  First Crush recieved a Silver Medal from the  Ohio Wine Competition in 2017.  Made with fresh early season apples and honey, First Crush has a fresh, lightly sweet apple taste and is lightly carbonated.

Our craft ciders are made from freshly pressed apples  from Geig's Orchard, Seville Ohio.  Each cider features a specific blend of apples.  Cabernet and Zinfendel grapes used for wine have special attributes and flavors.  Apples can have their own original flavors, much as you may experience in grape wines.  Our hand picked apples include both modern 'dessert' style apples as well as heritage varieties giving each blend different attributes and flavors.

Patchwork is our most complex cider.  A robust heavy bodied cider with tones of butterscotch, vanilla and fresh apples.  Butterscotch can be found in the aroma as well as the finish of our most complex cider

Father John's Favaorite was named after a local priest for his love of the cider and the Winesap apple.   This apple gives Father John's Favorite a very dry and crisp taste.  This is our driest and less sweet of all our ciders.  Enjoy on a hot summer day or a night by the campfire.